Make Future Village History

Join artist Joanne Masding to explore what St Edeyrn’s Village might leave for the archaeologists of the future.

Joanne is making a public artwork for St Edeyrn’s Village and local residents are invited to take part in shaping it. There will be a talk, clay making workshops and a public celebration to join in with.

In researching St Edeyrn’s Village, Joanne met with the archaeologists who recently excavated the land underneath the village, recording and preserving the archeology before building works began. Through this work they found evidence of Roman settlements, dating back to over 1,600 years ago. Discovered artefacts show that Roman communities worked together on industrial activities like casting and smelting, making objects such as tools and jewellery, and they also came together to socialise and worship at shrines.

As a new village, St Edeyrn’s is in the process of developing its local identity and this is shaped by the community living here, and how as residents you come together. The clay objects made in the workshops will be buried under the village green for future civilisations to discover, and in the nearer part of this story, Joanne will use them to inform the permanent public artwork she makes for the village.

Public Talk with Dr Simon Dixon
Friday 12 July, 2-3pm

The Risings commercial unit on the corner of Church Road and Bridge Road, St Edeyrn’s Village, Old St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 6AX
Far from being static, the Earth is constantly being reshaped in subtle, and not so subtle ways, both by natural forces and by humans. Hear Dr Simon Dixon, from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Birmingham, talk about how we can trace the past evidence of this reshaping in the present landscape.
Free public event

Clay Making Workshops
Friday 28 June, 3.30-4.30pm
Saturday 29 June, 12-1pm
Saturday 29 June, 2-3pm
Saturday 13 July, 12-1pm
Saturday 13 July, 2-3pm
The Risings commercial unit on the corner of Church Road and Bridge Road, St Edeyrn’s Village, Old St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 6AX

Make objects in clay to explore how we live together and what we leave behind for the future. Artist Joanne Masding will lead these sessions working with clay to make symbolic objects that will be buried under the village green in St Edeyrn’s Village. It’s also a chance to get to know other residents and locals and talk about your dreams for the future of the place you live while playing with clay.
Free public event, for adults and children age 6+

Celebratory Burial Event
Look out for more news on this summer event where the ceramic objects are cast into a pit in the ground and we celebrate making future village history! From here, your clay objects will live on underground for years to come for a future community to discover and decipher.

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This project is commissioned by Studio Response on behalf of Persimmon Homes as the result of a planning condition. Studio Response brings people together to produce site-responsive art in the public realm, brokering cross-sector partnerships to advocate that creative practice be at the heart of our public spaces.