Symbol for a Screening
While it Lasts, a show reel

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
1 - 28 February, 2013

Eastside Projects, Birmingham
23 March – 12 April 2013
Preview Friday 22 March, 6–8pm

David Raymond Conroy, Benedict Drew, Matthew Ferguson, Joanne Masding, Hannah Perry, Matthew Noel-Tod

This screening programme curated by Elinor Morgan shows a selection of moving image works by six UK-based artists. Each of them approaches the process of making film or video works in a different way but common threads run through the programme: the production of digital realms, film as a space in which sculptural forms can be presented and the impact that the internet has had on the way that we interact with information, imagery, one another. Many of the works presented use the internet as source material, a tool for production or content and all have a relationship to developments in digital technology.

Joanne Masding’s Symbol for a Screening, a short sketch-like work that uses found diagrams used to illustrate our biological mechanisms for sight, reminds us of the processes of looking and seeing that we are undertaking by engaging with this show-reel.

Symbol for a Screening