Group Occupation residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall
May - June 2012

Egyptian Birds
2 monitors, 2 DVD players, 2 DVDs, table

Sculpture with video focusing on 2 objects from the Garman Ryan Collection. Using video and makeshift techniques for moving the camera around the gallery to consider the original and current function of these objects and the act of viewing them within the framework of the gallery.

13 minute 1 second loop, without sound

7 minute, 32 second loop, without sound

Mountain Goat Crest Clan Tunic
Plate 9
The bold design of a Mountain Goat crest on a clan tunic of red and dark blue wool trade cloth, adorned with pieces of abalone shell.
Probably acquired at Kasaan village in Alaska circa 1900 by George T. Eufliours for the Lord Bossom collection.
CMC VII-X-1078

Copy of a Haida clan tunic from an image in a book from The New Art Gallery Walsall library. When traditional sculpting techniques were lost, the next generation of Haida sculptors had to look to the museums to relearn a tradition from looking at the surviving artifacts and imagining how they might be made. Worn during the open studio event.

.mov and .gif

A video continuing exploration into screen and surface, confusing digital image, video making and reflections of physical space.