At a Distance
Mark Lewis, Joanne Masding, Hiraki Sawa
30 May - 27 June 2013
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham

‘At a Distance’ is part of an exciting new programme of exhibitions featuring loans from the Arts Council Collection. This display focuses on the work of three artists who explore architecture, outdoor environments and people’s relationship to objects in space.

Joanne Masding uses a combination of sculpture, video and computer-generated material to consider the production of objects and the way we relate to them.

Projector, media player, cables

'Magpie' incorporates video footage, digital images and computer generated material of an arrangement of taxidermy hummingbirds from the Natural History Museum in Dublin. Video here.

Flat screen television, media player, cables

'Fossil' depicts a glass model of a sea squirt which was created in the 19th Century before underwater filming was possible. Video here.

All the Objects I, II, III (ingot, tool, vessel)
Plasticine, imitation gold leaf, vinyl

'All the Objects' explores object classification, value and states of matter.