stuffs wander off, a shape steps in
Two Queens, Leicester
Private view 10 June 6-9pm
Open 11 June - 23 July, Thursday - Saturday 12-6pm

Trying to Say Something - An Artist Talk Without Words
A take on the artist talk made to accompany solo exhibition ‘stuffs wander off, a shape steps in’, at Two Queens, Leicester.

After, Division of Labour, London
Robert Barry, Céline Berger, Cornford & Cross, Brian O'Doherty, Andrew Gillespie, Ned James, Andrew Lacon, Joanne Masding, Flore Nove-Josserand, Joe Fletcher Orr, Yelena Popova, Gavin Wade

Research and Cultural Constellations, artist in residence with Research and Cultural Collections at University of Birmingham

Feeney Fellow 2016-17, with John Feeney Charitable Trust

Greyish Lumps, in the studio